Paralegal Services and

Notary Public

in Ontario, Canada

What I Do

My clients are Multicultural Speaking People from different backgrounds are welcome to hire my legal services.  

An Interpreter will be needed in such cases if you are not fluently in English.  

Notary Public Services

Commissioner of Oath Services

Notary Public Services are now available in my office since October 8, 2020

My services include the notarization of documents, certification of documents, and the commissioning or administering of oaths. Mobile services available

I am dedicated to providing you with quality service in an expeditious manner.

Legal Services Representation

*Canada Pension Plan Claims and Appeals.​

* Landlord and Tenancy Board Disputes.

*WSIB Claims/Appeals (work accidents)

* Provincial Offences Act

*Specializing in Aiding Toronto’s Spanish Speaking Community

Immigration and Refugee Board

Representation for:

*Refugee Applicants with the application in processs, hearing and/or appeals before the IRB.  

*Immigration matters before the Immigration Appeal Division.

Criminal Summary Convictions

Record suspension formerly known as pardons

* Representation for criminal summary offences

* Pardon application and representation (clear your name and travel without worries.


A branch of the Superior Court of Justice. I will help you with the application process or represent you before the Small Claims Court


103 Church St. Suite 200

Toronto, ON M5C 2G3


Tel: (647) 255-3556

Cel: (416) 206-2337

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Monday – Friday:

10:00am – 5:00pm


Virtual appointments only


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